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Artisan handmade soap with herbs, flowers, clays, and essential oils


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All Natural Handmade Soap

Rosemary Sprig

Natural Rosemary with Cambrian Clay

"I found the Natural Rosemary Soap with Cambrian Clay to be thoroughly cleansing, yet gentle. It didn't dry out my skin, and had a lovely delicate earthy scent."


Light Pink Roses Close Up

Rose Geranium

"I love this soap! I have tried the lime verbena and rose scents. Both have a light, fresh scent and a luxurious lather that feels great and rinses clean. A pleasure to use for every day hand-washing, and it makes such a nice lather I use it for shaving, too! I washed my hands with a different brand of bar soap the other day and the lather was so sad compared to this product. I really love these soapy bubbles!"


Image by Roman Akhmerov


with Luffa

"It's very appealing that it is all natural with plant-based ingredients. Chamomile smoothes irritated skin and luffa is an excellent exfoliator. The soap produces rich lather that rinses away easily without leaving a soapy film. I love that it can be used on the face as well as all over the body."