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Say Hello to the Signature Line!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Sometimes new ideas come to you in an environment you never expected, especially ideas about how to display who you really are in a creative way through your business. This past May, I attended a soap-making conference in Kansas City held by the “Handcrafted Soap Making and Cosmetic Guild.” While I was there, I networked with other soap makers during extensive seminars and lectures. The creative atmosphere and ingenuity of my fellow soap makers inspired me to create a line of signature soaps that would define what I am passionate about.

It was important to me that this line would be an herbal line with natural ingredients because I grow my own flowers and herbs and dry them, as well as infuse oils with the flowers and herbs I collect. In thinking about my signature soap line, I stopped on 6 soaps that I make routinely and that I feel characterize all that I do at Soapy Bubbles. The base of each soap is a blend of organic, natural oils and butters, such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil, as well as oil infused with botanical herbs and flowers that I frequently harvest myself.

The soap comes unpackaged (environment-friendly!) to minimize waste and is displayed at Traill Home and Garden in Woodsville, NH. Meet the signature line and come get yours before it is gone!

Nettle and Goat Milk Shampoo Bar

When using shampoo bars, the most important thing is not drying out the hair. Nettle has long been used in the beautification of hair, giving it a smooth and silky appearance, helping inflammation, softening the skin of the scalp to prevent dandruff and promoting healthy growth. Goat milk adds shine and softness to the bar, while peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils provide a subtle, pleasant fragrance.

Natural Rosemary Soap

Rosemary can be used not only in cooking, but also in cleaning products, including soap! It is naturally antibacterial and in combination with the Cambrian blue clay, makes a naturally soft, cleaning duo. The tea tree and lemon essential oils add notes of freshness to the already invigorating rosemary scent.

Chamomile and Honey Shampoo Bar

The second, but no less charming shampoo bar in the signature line is based on the vibrant notes of chamomile tea and Roman chamomile essential oil. Rounding out the line-up are ylang-ylang and bergamot essential oils, no less important for healthy hair texture and scalp. Topped with chamomile blossoms, and incorporating honey, the soap is truly one of the most beneficial steps you can take towards a healthier head of hair.

Old-Fashioned Rose Soap

One of the best of nature's creations is the rose- not only beautiful, but also incredibly powerful in its healing capabilities. This simple and elegant soap combines rosehip seed oil with rose tea and rose kaolin clay with a charming Victorian fragrance. This soap is perfect for sensitive skin, just like the petals of a rose, without the thorns.

Zesty Citrus and Calendula Soap

The greatest zest for life comes from life's unexpected and pleasant surprises, just like the notes of lemongrass and patchouli in this bombastic and powerful little soap. At its base is a calendula-infused oil and a wonderful sprinkling of calendula petals on top of a beautiful soap the color of a sunrise. Calendula has often been sited as a source of vitamins and anti-inflammatory benefits!

Lavender and Goal Milk Soap

You have never seen lavender like this before. The most organic form of lavender, lavender buds, decorates the top of this soft soap made using goat milk. However, unlike the Nettle and Goat Milk Shampoo Bar (see above), this soap bar features a stronger, calming scent of lavender and frankincense. Perhaps one of the most organic ways of using the purple, anti-inflammatory plant there is.

This signature line is available at Traill Home and Garden in Woodsville, NH. Every month there will be a new limited edition soap added to these six all-time favorites, based on the season and changing forces of nature. Visit today and immerse yourself in the wonderful experience that is natural, home-made soap!


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